Car Insurance Quotes are Easy and Affordable Online

Car insurance quotes are the easiest way to find a policy that works for you and comes at a price that will fit your budget. Here are some tips for how to shop for quotes online.

As a driver in the United States, you are legally required to carry some type of car insurance. Car insurance helps protect people from the financial repercussions of being involved in a car accident, as well as from other types of car damage. While you might not mind being out of a car or having to figure out how to pay the repair bills for yourself, if you cause an accident you affect the lives of others. Therefore most states require you to carry liability insurance so that the other party involved can get their life back on track as soon as possible. Without insurance, you could potentially owe hundreds of thousands of dollars when you include property damage, medical bills, and other expenses.

Affordable Insurance Quotes Online

Although car insurance is important and necessary, it doesn’t have to be expensive. When you are looking for a car insurance policy, you will likely do so using quotes. These are free, no obligation estimates of how much you will pay for a certain amount of coverage through a specific company. Quotes are easy to find online. Here are some tips:

  • Find as many quotes as you can – the more quotes you get, the better your chances of finding the best deal available. This also allows you to get a feel for what a high, low, and average premium costs.
  • Compare coverage before price – many people jump at a low price without looking into it. If the policy doesn’t cover much, even the lowest price is a waste of money. Always make sure you are comparing quotes with similar coverage limits.
  • Research the company – only shop at reputable and legitimate companies. Research complaints and reviews online before committing to purchase.

Directors Liability Insurance

In the large majority of cases the responsibilities, duties and powers that a director or officer will have will be set out in the job description or terms of reference. This means that legally the director or officer can be held responsible for issues involving data protection, fraud, negligence, health and safety and the maintenance of properly kept accounts.

Directors Liability Insurance is a form of liability insurance that is payable to the these officers and directors, or to the company itself, to provide cover for damages or the cost of legal defence if a legal challenge is made against the director on any of the above grounds.

Directors Liability Insurance has come to be broadly associated with the idea of management liability insurance, which allows for the cover of both the corporations and the management structure’s liabilities.

If the director or officer is discovered to have acted outside of their brief or the terms of reference by accident or by negligence, this could result in a legal claim being made against that director or against the company as a whole. In this situation Directors Liability Insurance will cover the cost of this claim as well as any compensation payments and legal fees that are incurred by the director, officer or company. The cover supplied by Directors Liability Insurance will not cover any of the aforementioned legal costs if the actions of the directors that are the subject of the legal challenge are found to have been deliberate.

So for example, if the director fails to inform their employees of health and safety regulations because they were always running late between meetings, this is negligence and will be covered by Directors Liability Insurance if an employee has an accident at work. If the director is found to have deliberately engaged in large scale fraud with the company’s money, this is a deliberate action and will not be covered by Directors Liability Insurance.

The main sources of Directors Liability Insurance claims come from shareholders, shareholder-derivative actions, customers, regulators and competitors (who may challenge the company on anti-trust of fair trading grounds).

 The exact level of coverage that a Directors Liability Insurance is very heavily affected by whether the company in question is publicly of privately traded, so it is important to perform adequate research.

Directors Liability Insurance is generally purchased by the company even if it will only be of any use to the directors or the officers. The companies do this for various reasons but the most common id so that the company can entice and then retain directors in the first place. It is also relatively common for directors and the company to split the cost if the countries legal system does not allow the company to purchase the insurance by itself.

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Comprehensive Auto Insurance Presented Online

(PRWEB) March 18, 2015 has released a new blog post presenting the advantages and disadvantages of comprehensive auto insurance.

Comprehensive auto insurance can be disadvantageous because it is a complex policy that is not accessible to every driver. Comprehensive coverage is more expensive than liability coverage, but clients can find affordable rates by comparing online car insurance quotes.

Comprehensive auto insurance provides the best possible financial coverage for a vehicle. This plan provides coverage for theft, vandalism and many other situations. It can help drivers cover expensive repairs and medical costs.

It is now possible to compare online car insurance quotes on a single website. By visting and completing a simple quote form, drivers will have access to multiple offers only from reliable agencies. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc. is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit .

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Detroit Car Accident Attorney Gary Bloom Comments on Voice Systems and Driver Distractions

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) March 15, 2015

Detroit personal injury lawyer Gary Bloom of the Law Offices of Gary Bloom said today a report about voice recognition systems should serve as yet another reminder that drivers should strive to avoid all distractions.

Bloom commented on a March 3 report in The Detroit News titled “Study: Voice systems eliminate some distractions.”

“As a personal injury attorney who has worked with accident victims for more than 30 years, I know that drivers face distractions big and small that can increase the risk of causing a serious accident,” Bloom said. “Decades ago, distracted driving accidents were caused by drivers who were switching radio stations, eating or drinking behind the wheel or looking at objects or people on the side of the road, to name a few things. These distractions are still in play today, but now we also have high tech gadgets. I encourage all drivers to focus exclusively on the important task at hand: driving the automobile.”

The Detroit News article stated that a new study by researchers from IIHS and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab found that voice recognition systems help keep drivers’ eyes on the road but don’t eliminate visual distraction altogether.

Car makers have installed voice-activated technology to reduce distractions for people who want to use technology while they are driving, according to The Detroit News. An IIHS researcher who was one of the authors of a pair of papers based on the study told the newspaper that the voice-controlled system still created a distraction, even though it is less distracting than using a hand-held device.

Researchers found that none of the voice systems used in the test had eliminated all glances away from the road when a driver was interacting with the technology, according to The Detroit News.

Attorney Bloom said drivers need to understand the risks they take when using a voice-activated system for making a phone call or for using an entertainment system in a vehicle.

“Millions of cars and trucks on the road have these voice-activated systems, and with time, even more cars will be equipped with this technology,” Bloom said. “The idea behind the technology is to help drivers become more focused, but this study shows there are risks involved with using such high-tech systems. Drivers should not fool themselves into thinking that the newest technology in their cars creates a distraction-free experience.”

Bloom said drivers should understand the risks so they can make responsible choices. “An accident can happen in a split-second while a driver is distracted, whether it’s turning on a radio the old-fashioned way or using a voice-activated system,” Bloom said. “Regardless of what the distraction might be, the outcome can be the same. Someone sharing the road could be seriously injured or die. That’s why it’s so important for drivers to make safe choices. Anyone who is injured or who loses a loved one in an accident has a right to seek compensation from the negligent person. An attorney can help fight for justice.”

About the Law Offices of Gary Bloom

Experienced attorney Gary Bloom operates a small yet highly successful law firm in the Detroit area where he makes the needs of clients his No. 1 priority. Gary Bloom distinguishes his legal practice from big city firms by offering his clients personal attention and care. With over 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of accident victims in Detroit, Livonia, Wayne, Lansing, and Toledo, OH, attorney Gary Bloom has a hard-earned reputation as an aggressive and determined personal injury lawyer who works one-on-one with his clients to build a solid and successful legal strategy. Bloom belongs to the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, reserved for lawyers who have successfully obtained verdicts or settlements totaling over $ 1 million. In addition to handling cases involving car accidents, the Law Offices of Gary Bloom has successfully litigated cases on behalf of people injured by medical malpractice, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other types of accidents caused by somebody else’s negligence.

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, call (734) 464-1700 for a free case consultation.

The Law Offices of Gary Bloom has offices in Livonia and Wayne, MI, and Toledo, OH. The main office is located at 39040 7 Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48152. For more details visit

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Will Clinton's experience be a liability?

Will Clinton's experience be a liability?
Hillary Rodham Clinton's tenure as secretary of state was supposed to be a central argument for her forthcoming run for president. Her globe-trotting record as the nation's chief diplomat, her role championing women's empowerment and gay rights, and …
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Foreign banks in UK face liability deadline
UK branches of foreign-headquartered banks have just over three weeks to comply with rules that demand senior managers personally guarantee their companies have dealt with regulatory concerns. Rules put in place by the Bank of England's Prudential …
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Montello Tax & Financial Planning offers guidance & education on Tax Planning and Tax Reduction Strategies for Business Owners in Palm Beach County Florida

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (PRWEB) March 03, 2015

The IRS tax code offers many tax deductions to business owners. The trick is to know which tax reduction strategies to use and how to apply them to your particular situation. Below are eight valuable tax deductions for business owners and the self employed. A more robust list of tax reduction strategies can be found at

1. Home office

The home office deduction can offer a valuable deduction for expenses you already pay such as rent, mortgage, insurance, electricity, maintenance and real estate taxes. As a business owner, you can deduct a percentage of these expenses as a business deduction but beware of certain caveats. Contact us for information concerning the home office deduction.

2. Supplies, Office Equipment & Furniture

Basic office supplies are always tax deductible but when your office supplies are more than just ink and paper you have another tax-saving opportunity. Office equipment such as computers, fax machines and scanners or furniture for your office or home office can provide a tax deduction. A taxpayer will have two choices for deducting the expenses (1) Deduct 100 percent of the cost in the year of the purchase using the Section 179 deduction or (2) Depreciate the expense over the useful life of the equipment. We can show you how to maximize these types of deductions.

3. Software and Subscriptions

According to IRS guidelines, you can take the total costs as a full deduction in the year spent.

4. Mileage

Mileage may be one of the biggest expenses but it can also offer a handsome tax deduction. Taking the mileage deduction requires you to keep track of your mileage expenses such as parking, tolls, car washes, gas, and repairs or you can simply use the standard mileage rate (56 cents per mile in 2014). With this method, you don’t have to track your auto-related expenses, just the miles driven for business purposes. In addition, if you can claim a home office deduction, you get a bigger tax break because you can deduct the entire business-related mileage, from the minute you leave the driveway until you return home.

5. Travel, Meals and Entertainment

While traveling for business purposes the cost of travel — air, auto, rail, or boat – is 100 percent deductible, as are costs associated with life on the road (dry cleaning, rental cars and tipping). Meals on the road and any entertainment costs are deductible at 50% while traveling.

6. Insurance Premiums

Health insurance premiums for business owners are 100 percent deductible. This tax break primarily benefits sole proprietors, but the deduction can’t be more than your business’ net profit. And it’s not allowed if you were eligible for other health care coverage, including that offered by your employed spouse’s medical plan. You also can include some of the premiums you pay for long-term care insurance for yourself, your spouse or dependents.

7. Retirement contributions

Business Owners can save for retirement with a SEP IRA or Keogh and can deduct all contribution on their personal income tax return.

8. Hire your Child

For those running a small business as a sole proprietorship or husband-wife partnership consider hiring your under-age-18 child as a bona fide employee. It can be part-time or full-time. Your employee-child can use his or her standard deduction to shelter up to $ 6,300 ( in 2014) from federal income tax. Make the money go even further by contributing the salary to a Roth IRA. Not only have you gotten a nice tax deduction from the salary but you’ve also helped establish an account that can be used for college or retirement. This break is available only if you operate as a sole proprietor or as a partnership in which you and your spouse are the only partners.

Montello Tax and Financial Planning, LLC educates business owners about tax planning and offers prudent tax reduction strategies for our clients. For more information about tax deduction strategies give us a call at (561) 694-6660 or visit our website at .

SOURCE: Montello Tax & Financial Planning, LLC.

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Latest Auto Damage News

Auto Guy: Repairing Damage From Potholes
We have all hit at least one monster pothole this winter. Here are a few things to watch for that might indicate that your vehicle sustained some damage. See if the vehicle pulls to the left or the right, or if the steering wheel is off center. All of …
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Filing a pothole claim could be a lengthy process
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Comparing Online Auto Insurance Quotes Can Reduce the Costs of a Policy

(PRWEB) February 13, 2015 has released a new blog post explaining that comparing online car insurance quotes can help clients save money on vehicle coverage.

There are many agencies that sell auto insurance plans. By comparing quotes, car owners will manage to have a better understanding of the market and their chances of finding cheap insurance will increase.

It is now possible to find low cost car insurance plans online, in just a few minutes. Clients can now compare free auto insurance quotes on a single website: and increase their chances of finding affordable plans.

The search engine uses the details someone provides to search and select plans that are in the client’s area. Only policies that meet the customer’s requirements are selected. The quote form allows visitors to customize their plans so that they can search for what they need. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc. is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit

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Invent Penn State Initiative Enhances Thriving Ecosystem at Innovation Park

State College, PA (PRWEB) February 13, 2015

On the heels of an exciting 2014, Innovation Park at Penn State found further cause for encouragement when Penn State president Eric Barron announced the university’s “Invent Penn State” initiative at its January trustees meeting. The $ 30 million initiative broadly aims to spur economic development. “This is a hub of innovation in our town,” Barron said of Innovation Park. The “Invent Penn State” initiative intends to increase the number of technology business start-ups in communities where Penn State has campuses, better promote Penn State faculty and student innovations, bring greater awareness to Innovation Park at Penn State and integrate innovation activities into student career success.

The $ 30 million investment includes development of additional knowledge commercialization space, venture fairs and competitions; matching of experienced entrepreneurs with new opportunities; recognizing faculty who focus on commercial applications of their research; and communications. Many components of the initiative expand or build on activities already underway throughout the University and Innovation Park at Penn State. Barron announced a new $ 1.5 million annual program that had a “soft start” 2014, The Fund For Innovation. The program provides Penn State colleges matching awards from The Penn State Research Foundation for faculty and primarily graduate student proof-of-concept and proof-of-relevance work strongly focused on commercialization. The Fund For Innovation is just one example of a much needed financial “feeder resource” to provide more early stage prospects for the incubation program at the Park.

“It’s an opportune time to be at Innovation Park at Penn State,” says Innovation Park Director, Dan Leri. “We’re excited the President and the entire administration is focusing effort and resources on converting Penn State knowledge to commercial impact. It’s a heavy and difficult lift to convert raw knowledge into a meaningful value proposition for a set of customers – with the goal of creating shareholder value, economic impact, and net new wealth. We need additional experienced, domain-specific talent and more financial resources to increase our chances of success.”

With all space at Innovation Park leased for the past three years, the Innovation Park team broke ground last October on Building 331, an 82,000-square-foot project with Class A office and research space. The $ 18 million facility is privately funded and is in addition to the overall $ 30 million economic development commitment by the University. “We believe the public – private development model of Innovation Park is an example of how to partner with the private sector to achieve the goals President Barron has outlined in his economic development plan. We need to do more… and to keep getting better”, said Leri. Building 331 owner, GLP Development of Baltimore Maryland, expects the building to be completed in August 2015. Though excited about the LEED certified commercial space being developed at Building 331, Leri says “Multiple types of space are necessary for what we want to do throughout Penn State and with our partner communities, yet we always remind ourselves space is simply a necessary evil. The happy collisions of talented, experienced, properly motivated, and inspired doers who can identify or create market opportunities that will pay for solutions is paramount. Creating and case managing those unique collisions is a major component in a vibrant business startup ecosystem.” He has spent the past several years working with many others to develop an environment where happy collisions can occur. With the announcement of additional resources, the eco-system at the Park is eager to make the run to a new level of engagement.

Currently Innovation Park is home to numerous organizations focused on assisting business startups: technology licensing, business training, financing, investment, commercialization, business planning, networking, mentoring, and incubation space. “When you come to Innovation Park to start a business, we have a triage group who meets with you to determine what you may need and how we might help,” says Leri. “We diagnose, prescribe and then the real work begins,” says Leri. The process may include myriad park tenant resources: The Ben Franklin Technology PArtnership of Central Pennsylvania, The Ben Franklin TechCelerator business incubation program, The Penn State Small Business Development Center (SBDC), The Venture Investment Forum, The Centre for Business and Industry in Centre County (CBICC) and The Centre County Industrial Development Corporation. Innovation Park also is home to technology resources like Penn State’s Office of Technology Management, Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization and Center for Innovative Metal Processing Through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D), as well as educational resources like Penn State’s World Campus, which includes Penn State College of Communications, Continuing Education and Conferences and Institutes. Penn State World Campus was ranked #1 in online bachelor programs in the country in U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 “Best Online Programs”. Penn State ranks in the top 10 for best online graduate programs in business, engineering, education, computer information technology and MBA, which provide can provide a talent pool for businesses. Innovation Park also offers tenants easy access to The Penn Stater, a premier conference center and hotel, Daybridge Child Development Center, and the coolBLUE employee program, all proving invaluable amenities to businesses and organizations in the park.

The ecosystem is working. Innovation Park is full with 55 tenants and has many long-term success stories, including Salimetrics(a biotechnology firm offering saliva testing services and salivary assay kits), Schoolwires (a provider of K-12 educational websites and community management) and HigherEdJobs (a top career building website specializing in jobs and careers information in academia).

The pipeline for new businesses is also filling. Key tenant and partner, the Ben Franklin TechCelerator, recently began offering entrepreneurs a 10-week “Boot Camp”. The program has graduated 36 entrepreneur teams in diverse fields ranging from drone technology to medical devices to educational technology, resulting in 34 new companies. Graduates include a Vodafone contest winner and a Nokia Sensing Xchallenge finalist.

“Starting a new business is difficult and risky,” says Don McCandless, director of business development for Ben Franklin Transformation Services. “We provide training and resources that help to mitigate unnecessary risks and improve startup outcomes. As importantly, we help build crucial relationships. So many graduates come back to us and say, ‘We didn’t think we could do it, but after participating in the program, we did it.”’

A recent Boot Camp graduate, Doug Carnahan, founder of OurFlee t, concurs. “In boot camp, I learned exactly what I need to do,” says Carnahan. OurFleet recently won a $ 10,000 business concept award from Ben Franklin TechCelerator for developing a mobile application to help oil and gas exploration and production companies manage resource delivery traffic on their worksites. Carnahan is a big fan of Boot Camp. “It’s really valuable to be surrounded by peers who are on the same journey. You can’t imagine how important that is.”

The next TechCelerator Boot Camp starts March 31st at Innovation Park at Penn State. For more information about Innovation Park, TechCelerator Boot Camp, Building 331, or residents in the Park, please contact Nena Ellis Koschny at

About Innovation Park

Innovation Park at Penn State is a 118-acre technology park that provides office, manufacturing and research space for commercial use near Penn State University, one of the premiere research institutions in the world. The park offers unique business development value to startup companies and tenants, including established relationships with Penn State University Technology Transfer, Ben Franklin TechCelerator, the Centre County Chamber of Business and Industry and local and regional entrepreneurs and investors. In addition to business development support, Innovation Park offers tenants extensive networking and park programs through its coolBLUE program for tenant employee engagement, as well as access to indoor and outdoor fitness and recreation and an onsite daycare. Innovation Park at Penn State will have 82,000 square feet of new leasable space available August 2015.

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Car Insurance Comparison for High Risk Plans Now Includes New Year Rates at Insurer Portal Online

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) February 06, 2015

The ability to compare different plans offered in the automotive insurance industry was established by the company in 2013. Consumers who use the car insurance comparison system this year will be able to find New Year rates for high risk plans at

Because of a recent system change, a more broad list of companies is now accessible through use of the open portal. The brand new rates data that appears to the public when searching for policies is tied to SR22 and different bonded plans that are offered nationally by U.S. insurers.

“It only takes one accident with a vehicle for some insurers to brand a driver as a higher risk, and these drivers are required to carry a different type of insurance,” said one Quotes Pros rep.

The better ways to compare data using the website have helped to create more search options for the public. Car owners with a direct need for high risk, full coverage, state minimum coverage or collector insurance plans can now use the zip code arranging feature to showcase only providers in their home area.

“We’ve narrowed down all of the companies in select states to better serve the vehicle owners who depend on our free system to explore coverage rates daily,” the rep said.

The Quotes Pros company has also revised its providers of nationwide homeowners insurance plans for property owners. A revised database at has been activated to generate agencies that are supplying monthly and annual price data.


The company provides a direct connection with insurance companies through its national portal on the web. Adults can freely research the open system in order to determine what the exact monthly costs for coverage will be each year. The company now uses zip code information as part of its process to better categorize the national providers that are displayed to adults.

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Life Cover – Financial Protection If Someone Dies Suddenly

Most people hope to live to a ripe old age but it’s a sad fact that death can strike, unexpectedly, at any time. It can be a tragedy when someone dies suddenly, especially if they leave loved ones behind. If there are financial worries this will only add to the grief. A life cover policy can help to provide financial security by paying out a lump sum amount on death.

Life cover policies will usually pay out a lump sum if the person covered is diagnosed with a terminal illness (an incurable illness where life expectancy, in the opinion of the provider’s Chief Medical Officer, is less than 12 months). This is known as terminal illness benefit and is, in effect, an advance payment of the full amount that would be payable on death. Claims for this benefit can’t be made in the last 18 months of the policy term. Following a payment of terminal illness benefit, the policy will end and no further payments will be made.

If someone knows that they only have a very short time to live, they may be able to make good use of a lump sum. It could be used to pay for medical treatment or care that is not available on the NHS. There may be a need to make alterations to the family home or for specialist equipment. Alternatively, the money could fund a special ‘last’ holiday, break or family reunion. Some people may decide to use a payment of terminal illness benefit to pay off their mortgage or other debts. Others will want to make financial gifts to their loved ones.

Of course, not everyone will want or need to do any of these things and many, with advanced terminal illness, will be extremely unwell and possibly unable to make their own decisions. In any case the funds may prove invaluable at a time when they are likely to be unable to work.

Terminal illness benefit therefore provides an opportunity for a terminally ill person to deal with the proceeds of their own life cover policy. It may be comforting for them to be able to put some of their financial affairs in order and make provisions for their families, supporting them at a difficult and sad time. Anyone considering taking out a life cover policy should make sure that it includes terminal illness benefit.

John Lewis Insurance offers a range of insurance services selected by the John Lewis Partnership. These include home, car, pet, travel, wedding, event and life cover products.

For more information about John Lewis Term Insurance please visit the website here –

This is the VOA Special English Economics Report from | In early January, President Obama…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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